President's Corner
January 2015

As I write this, we’re well into the swing of the 2015 Southern Division Meeting in Savannah. First, an enormous thank you to Joey Slaughter for his outstanding work as the General Chair. He put a huge amount of time in for the past year-plus as a representative of the chapter and we’re all grateful for his excellent work. Thank you also to the planning committee. Chris Harper and Joel Fleming worked tirelessly with the hotel to make sure everything worked smoothly when we arrived. Steve Sammons and Cecil Jennings put together one of the best programs in Southern Division History. Rebecca Brown and Nicole Rankin kept everyone straight with registration. Chris Kalinowsky coordinated all of our audiovisual needs for the meeting. Tim Bonvechio put together several timely and highly informative workshops. Bryant Bowen helped coordinate our poster presenters, and Cindy Williams served as our federal liason and volunteer coordinator. Paula Marcinek put together one of the best collections of raffle items that we’ve ever had as a chapter. We also owe a lot of gratitude to Amy Dukes of the South Carolina Chapter for helping us conceptually pull our meeting together dating back to the 2014 meeting in Charleston. Continued...

Patrick O'Rouke
Chapter President

Welcome to Georgia AFS

The Georgia Chapter of the American Fisheries Society (GA-AFS) was formed in 1986. Prior to that time, fisheries professional in Georgia were organized as the Georgia Fisheries Workers Association (GFWA). GA-AFS, like the GWFA before it, is the premiere fisheries professional organization in the State of Georgia.

With over 100 members annually, GA-AFS is dedicated to the promotion of sound fisheries science and development of our fisheries professionals. Our members come from throughout the Southeast, ranging from natural resource managers, aquaculturists, researchers, conservationists, and numerous biological disciplines; and representing state and federal government, academia, private consulting, industry, and recreational fishing interests. Together, we work towards the common goal of improving the fish and aquatic resources of Georgia.


2015 Southern Division AFS Annual Meeting

SDAFS 2015 Meeting Logo

The Georgia Chapter of the American Fisheries Society will be hosting the 2015 Southern Division AFS Spring Meeting in Savannah, GA from Jan 28 - Feb 1, 2015. Visit the 2015 SDAFS Meeting website to receive the most up-to-date information.

To receive updated information about the meeting as it becomes available, please RSVP for the meeting on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.


Congrats to Gary Grossman for Receiving National Award!

Congrats to GA-AFS Chapter Member Gary Grossman for receiving the 2014 Carl R. Sullivan Fishery Conservation Award from the American Fisheries Society. The American Fisheries Society presents this award to an individual or organization each year for “outstanding contributions to the conservation of fishery resources.” Gary is the 23rd person to win the award since it began in 1991.

Last updated: February 3, 2015